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Rules Of The game

The basic goal of the game is to make it fun to make a difference. We work in a cooperative type structure with 1 person 1 vote on key decisions. Member participate by.. 

1. Earning points which is based on the honesty system. We reserve the right to audit anyones points if anything seems out of wack. 

2. Every week members suggest new ways to earn points. We then all vote on which ones to start that week.
3. You can redeem points for badges, and maybe eventually for other stuff

Game Leaders

Example of how we might display our leaderoard
1114pts – marcel patterson
946pts -kelliane smith
904pts – nick bee
876pts – joanna talana
790pts – joey bateman

How to win

1. Do things that earns point
2. Suggest things that earn point
3. Vote on things that earns point
3. Invite people who earn points

How to lose

1. live your life as if it’s business as usual

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